Magneti Marelli Aftermarket at Autopromotec 2019: a hundred years of history with which to write the present and design the future

Carlo Perazzolo Fotografo/carloperazzolo.com

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket will be the protagonist of the 28th edition of Autopromotec from 22nd-26th May (Hall 30, Stand D48) with an exhibition concept that celebrates a century of history and takes the visiting public on an exciting journey through the past, present and future of automotive repairs.

Retracing the main developmental milestones in the automotive industry, in which Magneti Marelli has played a leading role for 100 years, the company will centre guests’ attention on the workshop and its main developments undergone over time. From the reconstruction of a 1920s-30s workshop, to the daily challenges of new mobility, it will conclude with the major transformations that the future holds, where everything will be digital, connected and smart.

Magneti Marelli was founded on 8th October 1919. Its industrial historic heritage is such that the exhibition’s journey into automotive history begins in a 1920s-30s workshop which already boasts the first Magneti Marelli signage.
The faithful historical reconstruction with original Magneti Marelli products such as magnets, carburettors, starter motors, coils and a completely restored, original 1930s workbench, testifies to the company’s pioneering mentality which, since the beginning of the 1900s, has worked alongside auto mechanics with technology and innovation.
The first Magneti Marelli acetylene headlamp, from the 1920s, will be on show: this lighting technology was very advanced for its time, as it was more powerful and more suitable for lighting the roads that motorised cars travelled along at higher speeds.
Among the other items on show are spark plugs and a Magneti Marelli battery, which started being produced in the early 1930s and would make the company famous and popular for over 50 years.
The workshop features the iconic 1930s Fiat Balilla, the first car that was accessible to the masses and that transformed the concept of space, time, distance and, consequently, the relationships between people. Partnering with the “Museo Nicoli - Car, Engineering and Mechanics Museum” (founded in 2000 in Villafranca di Verona) has made it possible to exhibit the car and historical parts and work tools from the era, so that the visitor can relive the atmosphere of the time. www.magnetimarelli.com/100years


Carlo Perazzolo Fotografo/carloperazzolo.com


The current workshop, fitted with new entirely backlit LED signage to guarantee maximum exposure for those who have adopted the Magneti Marelli Checkstar image, features significant new products and gives visitors a clear idea of what it means to belong to the Checkstar network and be part of a fully trained, expert and dynamic team.

One of the main innovations is the revolutionary DIV.0 Tester (Diagnostic IV.0 = 4.0), the new 4.0 diagnostic tool that totally resets the standards of diagnostics, from the system to the vehicle in general, optimises repair processes and allows for quick and integrated access to information on the car in one single tool.

The DIV.0 Tester, together with STAR, the new workshop management software, speeds up the repair process by connecting the fault, the required spare part and its availability in stock, as well as sending the spare part order to suppliers. STAR and DIV.0 are new tools designed for the running of the 4.0 workshop, as they support each phase of operations and provide evidence of productivity by means of a statistics module. The social and marketing features of the Magneti Marelli Checkstar Web App allow the mechanic to manage their brand image and promote loyalty programmes aimed at customers.

Workshop operations are becoming increasingly digital and dependent on having data; while such a method may be less physical, it is key to car maintenance and customer loyalty.

Being part of such a Network as Magneti Marelli Checkstar means that mechanics can enjoy practical support and integrated services while carrying out their tasks in the workshop.

This is exemplified in the equipment, training and technical support designed for the maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Magneti Marelli Checkstar provides its workshops with a configuration solution called Hybrid Electric, which establishes a specific area for carrying out operations on these cars and includes personal protective equipment, training courses and technical information material.

The growing popularity of hybrid cars on the market has compelled operators to adapt to this new technology in order to provide assistance and repairs in this field. Magneti Marelli Checkstar is the perfect partner for training and certifying various players of the independent repairs industry in the safety and maintenance of such vehicles.

Carlo Perazzolo Fotografo/carloperazzolo.com


The future workshop is equipped with interactive and dynamic signage that displays various different notifications and offers promotions to motorists. Inside is the captivating GFG Style Sibylla, the all-electric sedan designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro that uses an innovative shared energy platform, allowing the car to become intelligently integrated with the most extensive energy ecosystem.

Using EnOS™, the IoT energy platform, Sibylla will connect to a network of renewable energy components, and will transfer and share energy with other vehicles, homes and buildings, allowing for clean, safe and accessible electricity in a future energy system that is flexible and smart.

These huge technological changes will lead to cars that will be increasingly connected, autonomous and electrified, as well as shared mobility. In the future, automotive repairs will begin directly on the car before it has even had to enter a workshop and we will be able to view information on the car’s and battery’s health, suggesting any necessary updates and predictive maintenance.

The motorist will be able to take advantage of personalised services based on their requirements, thanks to a series of notifications that will remind them of deadlines and packages they have purchased: this will facilitate the mechanic in managing and planning their work.

Given that these technologies are already available, the people involved and the training they require is of fundamental importance. Being part of a Network such as Magneti Marelli Checkstar is key in predicting market trends and means you can rely on a company that has contributed to writing the history of the automotive industry and has worked alongside mechanics for 100 years in order to face the challenges of the future.


In the outside area adjacent to Hall 16, Magneti Marelli Checkstar will be exhibiting the Hyundai i20 WRC, the rally car in which Tony Cairoli reached the 2018 Monza Rally Show podium, beating Valentino Rossi in the final showdown. Visitors will be able to experience sports suspension, speed and a whole lot of adrenaline, thanks to an area that features a rally simulator and numerous gadgets available for winners.

Over the years, Magneti Marelli Checkstar has sponsored various motor sports championships, from Rally to Gran Turismo, as well as the Motocross world championship, putting the brand on show and giving it exposure in various different race circuits. It is a brand which racers of huge prestige and sporting fame (most recently the 9-time world motocross champion Tony Cairoli) have worn with pride and a sense of belonging. Our sponsorships affirm the company’s motorsport DNA, visible in the tracks of the early 1900s, and we have always dedicated to going above and beyond in order to achieve high performance (both in terms of productivity and sport) with passion and fun.